EpiPath™ is helping to fight the spread of COVID-19 while protecting your identity and privacy with blockchain.

We're all in this together

More than ever, we need each other to get through this difficult time. Ask yourself, what would you want others to do to protect you and your family? You'd want others to report a positive test, and we think you would do the same if you knew your identity and privacy was protected.

Oxford researchers concluded “that viral spread is too fast to be contained by manual contact tracing, but could be controlled if this process was faster, more efficient and happened at scale. A contact-tracing App which builds a memory of proximity contacts and immediately notifies contacts of positive cases can achieve epidemic control if used by enough people.”*

EpiPath™ has the technology that can trace the spread of COVID-19 faster, more efficiently, and at scale without compromising your identity and privacy.

About EpiPath™

EpiPath™ offers the first community-driven COVID-19 contact tracing system that uses blockchain technology to protect user identity and privacy.

EpiPath™ does not use telecom SIM tracking, eliminating concern of surveillance. Your encrypted information will only be accessible to you. You have total and absolute control of your information.

EpiPath™ is also a health-focused information portal offering News, Chat, Social Media, and Covid-19 Dashboard. Get the latest news, connect with your social network, and seek advice ‒ all in one place.

How EpiPath™ works

Bluetooth beacons

EpiPath™ works by sending and receiving Bluetooth (BT) signals that record anonymous contacts with other EpiPath™ users. When someone reports symptoms or a positive test for COVID-19, EpiPath™ pushes notifications to all those who were in contact with that person within the past 14 days. Bluetooth and push notifications must be turned on in your phone settings for the app to work.

Blockchain for privacy and anonymity

Only you control your information. No entities, systems, or devices, including EpiPath™ and Zocial™, can access your information because it’s encrypted by Zocial’s Blockchain.

EpiPath™ information portal

EpiPath™ keeps users engaged with the latest news, live TV streams, social media, and chat. User engagement will help ensure that users keep their status up to date and can quickly access the self-report screen from anywhere in the app.

The EpiPath™ Dashboard helps the user assess their level of risk by quantifying their amount of social exposure and alerts them when they are too close. The map, based on public data, keeps them aware of what’s happening in their location as well as places to avoid.

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Self-reporting is essential

EpiPath™ relies on self-reporting to be effective. If an app user is confirmed positive or becomes symptomatic, they will need to update their status in the app. EpiPath™ will then alert other EpiPath™ app users who had previously come into contact with them. Users who receive a notification can then take appropriate action. EpiPath™ works best when everyone participates.

How to participate

EpiPath™ will be available worldwide for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For developers around the world, there will be a free open source SDK through GitHub by visiting

For more information on how you can customize this app for your country, community, or healthcare service, please send an email to info@Zocial.io.

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