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About EpiPath™

EpiPath™ does not use SIM cards or mobile numbers so the user is never identified or tracked. Using encryption powered by Zocial’s Blockchain technology, EpiPath™ provides uncompromised security and anonymity.

EpiPath™ can be customized to meet your organization’s requirements. It can be integrated with existing solutions or used as a stand-alone app. Options such as digital wallet, marketplace, services, secure chat, social media, and news are available.

How EpiPath™ works


EpiPath™ is activated automatically by geofencing when users enter the perimeter of their building or campus. Contact tracing is automatically turned on.

Bluetooth beacons

EpiPath™ works by sending and receiving Bluetooth (BT) signals that record anonymous contacts with other EpiPath™ users. When someone reports symptoms or a positive test for COVID-19, EpiPath™ pushes notifications to all those who were in contact with that person within the past 14 days. Bluetooth and push notifications must be turned on in your phone settings for the app to work.

Blockchain for privacy and anonymity

Only you control your information. No entities, systems, or devices, including EpiPath™ and Zocial™, can access your information because it’s encrypted by Zocial’s Blockchain.

Health Status

EpiPath™ helps users quickly access vaccine records and test results that may be required by a workplace or school.

The heat map keeps them aware of what’s happening in their location as well as places to avoid.

EpiPath™ makes it easy for users to report vaccines, symptoms, tests, and possible exposure to their organization.

Test kits and PPE can even be ordered in the app.

Additional Features

EpiPath™ offers features that can accommodate an organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Admin Dashboard

EpiPath™ allows schools, workplaces, and communities to monitor their members’ health status, occupancy of their facilities using anonymous bluetooth signals, and send urgent notifications when necessary